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Univerity Sports Talents Commitments

University Sports Talents’ mission is to promote education and more noteably a combination of higher education and high performance sport.

To meet this challenge, we have a strong commitment towards educating young athletes. Most adult athletes have a fales perception of the athletes and stardom whithin their discipline. Our role is to provide the necessary support for the future of new generations without extinguishing the flame of desire that lies dormant in them.

Our company is founded on values ​​that we are proud to display:

  • Respect for sport, games, rules, men and women
  • Generosity, so that each individual offers the maximum of his potential both in his sport and in his studies
  • Intelligence, to understand that the future is not set in stone and that it is necessary to put in the work to achieve one’s objectives

Our team

Wally Dieng

Wally Dieng – CEO

Football has always been an obvious since my childhood. It was thanks to my determination and a lot of hard work that I became a professional footballer (Caen, Sedan, Tours, Miami). During my apprenticeship at SM Caen’s training center, it seemed inconceivable to practice my sport without continuing my studies. My scientific baccalaureate in pocket, I joined diploma the university and obtained a higher education in biology while still playing professionally. Through UST this is now possible for young people (in several sports). Harmonizg sports and university studies, whilst, hopig for the best of them to be “drafted” by professional teams.

Jérémy Paille

Jérémy Paille – CMO

Passionate about football since always, I did my classes in Sochaux upto the sport study program. Having not pursued further my playing career, I am delighted today to allow young athletes to pursue their dream while proging in their studies. My career allows me today to intervene in universities to share lessons on entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Sport, my passion, and teaching, my job, immediately made me join the UST project.

Emmanuel Trégoat

Emmanuel Trégoat- Coach Director

Trained as a BE II graduate, for almost 30 years, I have gained a rewarding experience in my various positions where the human side has always prevailed in my choices. In the past I have had various professional experiences with positions of responsibility in football: CA LISIEUX as general manager (national), FC MARMANDE 47 as head coach (regional), AST DEAUVILLE as general manager, RED STAR as assistant coach ( national), ST OUEN L’AUMONE as general coach (national), CHAD as national coach, and also university sports experiences at Sciences Po Paris and Centrale Lille (engineering school).

Being considered a trainer I have always been very close to my players. My main interest always aligns with the best interest of my players. It is for this reason that I decided to join UST and their goodwill towards the young people on the sporting level but also and especially on the school level.

Find the right job at University Sports Talents

University Sports Talents is also a team and opportunities. So if you are determined, passionate and have a particular talent to share with us, do not hesitate to check out our job opportunities!



Living this unique experience will stir up the atheletic, professional, and human experience of each youth who will entrust our services.



Because above all sport is about sharing a passion ,living it, it is essential to live one’s own adventure fully.



As for any success, it is primarily about of will and effort before talent. With envy and perseverance, everything becomes possible.