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    You surely still have some questions

    Represented by its major renowned universities, the American university curriculum is among the best in the world. A degree obtained in an American university is recognized in almost all the countries of the world. Discover the world ranking of the best universities:

    That is without a doubt one of the biggest fears of students before they leave. After a few weeks of immersion in your new university, and being amongst many other nationalities, your apprehension will diminish. You will be surprised at how much your English level will increase thanks to your daily practice: school, sports, partners, daily life …

    Your (mandatory) participation in the TOEFL will validate the level required to begin the American adventure.

    Your sports scholarship does not determine the choice of your higher education. As for a freshman, you can access all the courses offered by American universities.

    Each American university organizes their course schedules based on training and sports competitions so as not to penalize sports students. Also, you can benefit from tutors for a better school accompaniment.

    However being an athlete in a university still requires you to focus on academics just as much as non athletes in order to work and obtain good grades.

    Mostly, each university allows its students to stay in university residences on campus. For athletes, some universities offer independent housing.

    Sports scholarships from US universities include tuition, lodging, meals and sports equipment for the entire study period.

    To enter an American university and claim a sports scholarship, you need to be at a certain level. Depending on the sport (collective or individual) detections are organized upstream to assess the level.

    To obtain a sports scholarship you must meet two essential conditions: The sporting level and the school level with at least the Baccalaureate and the TOEFL (for non-English speakers).

    Depending on your level and the sport you practice, American universities make scholarship proposals and it is up to you to choose the one that seems most suitable.

    Based on the percentage of scholarship you are awarded to cover tuition, prepare to pay for your insurance and airfare. Also during the recruitment process, if you trust us to find you the best university and the best scholarship, you will have to pay the fees corresponding to the selected package. In addition to this is the compulsory admission fee to the United States; Visa and other admission fees.

    University sport is often the gateway to the professional world in the United States. In MLS, NFL, NBA, NHL … every year their is a draft that brings together the best players of the season and that are ready to integrate professional franchises. If you play at the best level, you can aspire to become professional.