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Placement Process

At University Sports Talents, we work to find the best sports scholarship proposals for you in order to make your dream come true and allow you to go study in an American university.

Profile creation

To qualify to join an American university and apply for a scholarship, student athlete’s file must be equipped with quite specific information.

Exam Preparation Guide

The American university system requires foreign students to take certain tests (TOEFL, SAT …), to make sure that the courses will be understood and that the student will be able to follow a normal schooling.

NCAA & NAIA Registration Guide

To join a sports team of an American university, you must register in the league in which you will evolve. We are here to guide you in your steps.

Whatsapp private group

In order to better prepare you to integrate your American university, we offer you a space for discussions with coaches and former athletes, to answer all your questions.


With our partner Wall Street English, we offer a reinforcement program that allows you to better prepare for the TOEFL exam: preparation sessions, practice test, exercises and training.

Dedicated Manager

No matter which solution you choose, at University Sports Talents our consultants take care of you from start to finish. YYour initial contact person during placement will be the same from start to finish.

Guidance through the admission process

To finalize your registration at a university, you will need to complete administrative procedures. We will be present to help you every step the way.

Training for exam

Generally, before formulating a scholarship proposal, the coaches of American universities take the time to discuss with you. This exchange is crucial and you need to know how to approach it. We will give you the right techniques.

Member network access

As soon as register for the services of University Sports Talents, you immediately join our network (coaches, athletes, companies …)

University follow-up

Here at University Sports Talents our commitment does not stop at placement in American universities. We support you throughout your school years to ensure that your adventure runs as smoothly as possible.

Transfer assistance

As a sportsman you will be sure to find yourself in the best conditions throughout your journey. If you want to change university and therefore club, we can still accompany you.

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Le processus pour obtenir une bourse d’étude sportive aux USA

Most frequently asked questions

If despite all our efforts to find you a university, you do not get a scholarship proposal then all advanced fees will be refunded and no amount will be required (excluding fees, exam, Visa …).

The packages offered by University Sports Talents adapt to your needs and also to your wallet. It is quite possible to pay for your package in several monthly installments.

Sports scholarships awarded by American universities are not intended to cover the expenses of placement agencies. They cover the cost of tuition, lodging, meals and sports equipment for the entire study period.

By choosing to trust our team of professionals you greatly increase your chances of accessing American universities. Thanks to our network on American soil, we have more than 20,000 coaches in more than 30 sports in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.