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What is a sports scholarship?

Athletes and sports scholarships are very common in the United States and much more spread out in North America than in any other country. Scholarships are awarded to young athletes who have demonstrated their level of performance. Thanks to their level of sport and their level of commitment to their studies, scholarships allow students that deserve it to finance their higher education in the US through sport.

To obtain a scholarship and to justify it, the athlete diligently participates in training sessions with the team of his university and must represent it in multiple tournaments. Students are supervised by professional coaches with a hierarchical position similar to that of professors working at the university.

How are sports scholarships awarded?

For many generations American universities have offered the practice of different sports in their courses and this in a very serious and professional manner for the best athletes. These sports teams are managed and coached by professional coaches and serve as representatives of their universities across the country.

Some universities shine accross the states due to their university teams which are often very publicized in the media. University teams are a good way to market the university and to recruit new students more easily. It is for this reason that universities allocate substantial budgets to coaches to recruit talented students from around the world and allow them to finance their studies.

Why a sports scholarship in the USA?

The North American university system has resulted in the emergence of many great athletes around the world, such as: Clint Dempsey, Mickeal Jordan, Mickeal Phelps. High quality facilities, recognized coaches, physical and nutritional follow-ups and support networks … There are countless advantages that make American universities training centers worthy of professional ones.

An advanced program involves one to two additional workout sessions, as well as weight training and fitness sessions. The practice of sport is combined with a complete university program in an organized and adapted manner. Sports programs related to sports scholarships concern various sports including but not limited to football, basketball, swimming, athletics, skiing, gymnastics or fencing.

Sport whithin the life of the university

An unforgettable experience that will turn you into the next star of your discipline.

Sports eligible for a scholarship

Earn a sports scholarship and turn your sport into an opportunity to grow. Which one is yours?


Swimming and Diving







Hockey sur glace

Ice Hockey




Water Polo

Water Polo

Football Américian







Hockey sur gazon

Field hockey










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Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to sports scholarships

Sports scholarships in US universities include tuition ($ 20,000 to $ 60,000), housing ($ 3,500 to $ 8,000), meals ($ 2,000 to $ 4,000), school books (about $ 1,500) , insurance for some universities ($ 400 to $ 1,500) and sports equipment for the entire period of study.

To enter an American university and claim a sports scholarship, you need to posess a certain level whithin your discipline. Depending on the sport (collective or individual) detections are organized upstream to assess the level. For football for example, the minimum level expected is the regional level.

To obtain a sports scholarship you must meet two essential conditions: A good sporting level and a good school level which includes a Baccalaureatedegree at least and the TOEFL (for non-English speakers).

Depending on your level and the sport you practice, American universities will make scholarship proposals and it is up to you to choose the one that seems most suitable.

The first thing you have to do is contact us for a free consultation. Depending on the information you provide to us, on your education level, and athletic level we will give you an initial assessment of your chances of claiming a sports scholarship. You can also ask any questions you want during this conversation. Get in touch with us now.

Most sports students start their recruitment process 12 months before their actual arrival. The sooner you start, the more likely you are to get scholarship proposals.

Sports Scholarships are awarded as percentage of tuition fees. This means that the athlete must complete these fees if the scholarship does not cover all of them.